I discovered printmaking while taking a BA (Hons) in Fine Art when I was lucky enough to catch the final years of traditional print rooms with presses, inks and papers. I went on to specialise in relief printmaking and enjoy the reduction to essentials it involves with a relentless simplification of form, line and colour.


I work in lino and wood and my prints have been exhibited in the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol, the Mall Galleries in London, and across the south west. Years of sailing as a child began a life-long attachment to the sea. I am always happy in or on it; therefore wind, water, the coastline and boats are frequent subjects in my work.


I have been involved with the Burton Gallery in Bideford for many years and have curated exhibitions, run workshops and worked with local art students.  Merlyn and I have worked together before on large prints and Pine Feroda is a fantastically stimulating and fun extension of this.








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